Fair Dream (2020)

Firas Frioui (Auteur)

Nombre de pages : 47

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Thème : Langues étrangères

( Version du 16 March 2020 )

 Le mot de Firas Frioui pour Fair Dream

Fair Dream

This book is a wonderful trip that will take in waking up session about the unfair system who control the humans with all the dishonest ways that making the human changing to something ugly but don’t worry in the second chapter I will give my humble proposition to fix and change this unfair nightmare hoping for a global wake.

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Quatrième de couverture :

People will never understand the mechanism and the way that this world working under and even when they know they don’t bother to try and change something because they are comfortable being slaves to the power of the system and when you use to be under the power it’s hard to be the one who’s making choice’s and controlling your destiny.

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La Tunisie  est à l'honneur avec l'auteur francophone Firas Frioui
" Je suis Firas Frioui, j’ai 24 ans et je viens du nord de Tunisie exactement Bizerte. J’aime la philosophie et l’écriture philosophique et je viens de publier mon premier livre " Quelle est la raison d’être ma vision philosophique... "

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