Tales and legends of the cosmos (2019)

Dominique Chardri (Auteur)

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( Version du 1 November 2019 )

 Le mot de Dominique Chardri pour Tales and legends of the cosmos

Tales and legends of the cosmos

We (our organism) are a part of space and our life is a fraction of time. Our reality is made of who we are; just a little space and time. It is by reference to these two notions that we represent our Universe and everything it contains.
Today we know how to conceive beyond what our senses dictate to us, in order to give a meaning both intuitive and thoughtful, to what we are given to observe. All the difficulty is not to make a mistake, persisting without restraint, in an abstract culture. Without denying general relativity and quantum physics, how to open a new way of thinking or expand the discourse?
Let us begin with an inventory, in the form of 2 hypotheses:

• Assumption taken as the first postulate of a relative space, circumscribed, without a central point, without an accessible edge and made of a thing hardly definable: energy in break of symmetry (the two symmetrical dimensions, although inextricably linked, will remain non-fusional, the time of a Space/time)

• Assumption taken as second postulate of a Space/time that ends as it begins, begins and ends being intimately linked, in a context of relative time stained with chirality (temporal lag between the two symmetries)

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Quatrième de couverture :

These few pages are the result of a reflection whose title «Tales and legends of the Cosmos" removes any scientific pretense.
Perhaps everyone will find their share of the truth.

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